Address 12F Jaka Bldg., 6780 Ayala Ave., Makati, Philippines
Established June 2015
Capital 20,000,000 PHP(55,800,000JPY) 1PHP/2.79JPY
Accounting term 31-May
Principal shareholders AUN Consulting, Inc. 99.99%
Directors Akira Shida
Takanori Sakata
Akira Kikuchi
Norihisa Kudo
Yuichi Shimada
Description of business Consulting services for BPO, PC and mobile
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) applications
Affiliated company AUN Consulting, Inc.
AUN Taiwan Marketing,Inc.
AUN Hong Kong Marketing Co.,Ltd.
AUN Thai Laboratories Co.,Ltd.
AUN Global Marketing Pte.Ltd.

AUN Consulting, Inc.

AUN Taiwan Marketing, Inc.

AUN Hong Kong

Marketing Co., Ltd.

AUN Global

Marketing Pte.Ltd.

AUN Thai

Laboratories Co., Ltd.

As securing human resources across a broad spectrum of business fields becomes more and more difficult, the use of BPO has become more prevalent by companies worldwide. AUN consulting’s BPO services take advantage of our online marketing expertise and our extensive network of contacts, both Japanese and international, to offer the very highest quality and resources.

Key Features of AUN’s BPO Services

・Comprehensive online marketing solutions

・Optimized allocation of resources, both Japanese and international

・24-hour, 365-day support

Key Features of AUN’s BPO Services

・Search engine marketing (SEM) support (including SEO tuning,

   installation of SEO links, multilingual keyword selection, PPC reporting,

   PPC campaign settings, multilingual PPC ad creation, PPC budgeting and

   progress management, etc.)

・Web creative services (webpage production, banner production, animation,

   coding, image correction, illustration production, etc.)

・Data input services (web information database input, business card input,

   scanning (ADF with OCR and manual input), etc.)

・Call services (inbound calls, outbound calls (Japanese/English), etc.)

・Translation services (both general translation and specialized fields)

BPO Case Studies

・SEO ranking reports [Japanese and multi-language]: 1 sent per business day

・PPC daily reports [Japanese and English]: 1 sent per business day

・CMS input tasks for website [Japanese]: 50 pages updated per business day

・CMS input for real estate database [Japanese]: 200 items per business day

・Overseas outbound calls (results-based compensation) [English]: 3 acquired per day

・Animated video production: 15 seconds created on 5-10 projects per business day

・Many others


12th Floor 6780 Ayala Ave., Makati, Philippines 1226

Tel : +63-2-833-4929
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Established June 2015

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